There is still a lot about our brains that scientists do not yet fully understand, and the dream world in which we disappear into the night certainly belongs to this. Yet more and more is becoming known about our dream world, and a number of things have now been researched that can help you take control of your dreams. That way you decide what you dream about at night!

Different sleep stages

First some general information about sleep. When you fall asleep, you first enter the slumber phase. This is the lightest form of sleep, after this you enter the light sleep phase, then deep sleep and then the rem sleep. During your brake sleep, brain activity is highest and so one dreams above all. During a night’s sleep, the cycle of sleep phases repeats about 3 to 4 times.

How do you determine what you dream?

You can control your dreams by becoming fully aware of what you dream. Put a notebook and a pen next to your bed and write down exactly what you dreamed about every morning. Try to remember as many details as possible. Because of this you train your brain to keep an eye on during your dream, you get better and better in visualizing what you have seen during your sleep when you are awake again!

This also works the other way around, studies have shown that people who write down scenarios half an hour to an hour before they go to sleep are more likely to dream about this. Of course, it is still not completely certain that you are going to dream something step by step, but you greatly increase the chance. Moreover, it also applies here that you are getting ‘better’ at it. Hopefully it works for you!

Have you ever tried this? We would love to hear your experiences! Let us know in the comments below!