What is the best paying jobs in real estate investment trusts

A Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) is a company that possesses, runs, or finances income-generating real estate. Similar to mutual funds, REITs merge the resources of numerous investors. This makes it possible for specific investors to earn dividends from real estate investments without buying, handling, or to finance any properties themselves.

Types of Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT)

Real Estate Investment Trust can be grouped into three main types. The three types include Equity REITs, Mortgage REITs, and Hybrid REITs. Let us look at what each of these type means.

Equity REITs: This is the most common type of REITs. This type of REIT is the company that owns as well as manages income-producing real estate. Revenues are created mainly with rental fees (not by selling properties).

Mortgage REITs: Mortgage REITs provide cash to realty owners or agents either straight with mortgage or loans or indirectly via purchasing mortgage-backed safety and securities. Their profits are created primarily by the net interest margin– the spread between the interest rate they gain on the mortgage loan and the expense of funding these loans. This design makes them potentially sensitive to rates of interest rises.

Hybrid REITs: These REITs utilize the financial investment methods of both equity as well as mortgage REITs.

Jobs Tha are Available in Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs)

There are many jobs available under the Real Estate Investment Trusts. The following are some of the jobsĀ  under Real Estate Investment Trust;

  • Investment Operations
  • Investors
  • Coordinators
  • Senior and Junior level associate
  • Intelligent Analyst
  • Real Estate Property Accountant
  • Research Analyst
  • Service Technician
  • Customer Support Representative
  • Managers (Community, portfolio, regional, etc.)
  • Civil labourers
  • Leasing Specialist
  • Digital Marketer
  • And many more

Best Paying Jobs in Real Estate Investment Trusts

Since the job opportunities under Real Estate Investment Trusts, we have compiled all the best paying jobs under this industry below. Although the below jobs are paying well, you need to be good to receive the expected amount.


In Real Estate Investment Trusts, the investors are the ones that earn more than any other job opportunity. Being an investor can be a profitable career opportunity. As a real estate investor, your job is to buy assets and add value to bought properties, letting you sell at a higher price.

Although being an investor is a lucrative opportunity, but at times it can be risky. Being an investor, you have to know the when, where, and what property to buy, have funds to buy properties, be knowledgeable in real estate and investment stuff, and be willing to take risks.


Real Estate Agents are the most commonly available job opportunity in the real estate industry. As an agent, your main task is to help sellers sell their properties to buyers and help buyers get properties. To be a real estate agent, you need to have some background in finance.

The work of a real estate agent varies depending on where you work. You can be either a residential agent or a commercial agent.

For commercial agents, your main focus is to connect buyers to commercial properties such as hotels, shopping malls, rental apartments, warehouses, etc. But for a residential agent, your focus is on connecting buyers and sellers of residential real estate properties such as single-family homes, condos, luxury homes, vacation homes, etc.


A Real Estate Analyst helps the company’s real estate and finance departments in the acquisition, marketing, disposition, and financing of properties to make informed decisions. As a real estate analyst, you help the company research, analyze, and monitor trends in the real estate market.

To be a real estate analyst, you need to have a bachelor’s degree in finance, economics, or real estate-related. You have to be good at managing workloads and reports. You must understand market and business trends in the locality. You must also have organizational, research, and analytical skills.


Like real estate agents, real estate brokers also helps in connecting buyers of properties to sellers and sellers to buyers. However, the only difference is that real estate brokers can choose to work independently or with a company. Also, one can open their brokerage firm easily.

To become a real estate investment trust agent, you need to have all the qualities of a real estate analyst. Real Estate Investment Broker is among the best paying jobs in the real estate industry.


Real estate attorneys work to clear up various disagreements in property, ownership, and also transfers. The attorneys act as arbitrators, whether it’s the issuance of titles, transfers, documentation, or any other lawful problems relating to real estate properties.


Additionally, they supply lawful advice to both vendors and buyers of realty properties. This ensures that both events follow the needed legal structure for the purchases, stopping numerous disagreements. You can do this as a full-time or part-time job.


To be a real estate investment trust attorney, you have to have a Bachelor’s degree in regulation, Juris Doctorate level, and pass the Bar Exam.