Using Facebook for your business: 3 tips

The big advantage of being on Facebook with your company is that you can easily reach many people from your target group. If many people visit your Facebook page, chances are that you will attract more customers for your company. So why not do it? Certainly as a starting company it can ensure that you grow relatively quickly. In any case, it helps give you a kind of kickstart. However, it is important to use Facebook as optimally as possible for your company, so that you can take maximum advantage of it. We have listed a number of tips for you.

# 1 Be interactive with visitors to your page

Talk to visitors of your Facebook page. That means that when you get a question, you should try to answer it as soon as possible. But even with a negative reaction it is important to start a conversation with that dissatisfied visitor of your Facebook page. Not responding to questions and comments is not convenient anyway. It is always important to be interactive with (potential) customers.

# 2 Post relevant content

Logically, it is not the intention to post all kinds of nonsense on your company’s Facebook page. This only causes annoyances to people who visit the page. It is of course smart to post relevant videos. For example, if recordings have been made of you at a trade show or an important presentation, it is of course smart to place this video on your page. In addition, it is important to post something regularly. Otherwise, visitors may feel that the company no longer exists or that it is no longer active on Facebook. Therefore, post regularly, but do not overdo the number of posts.

# 3 Advertise on Facebook

Most people can of course be reached if you start advertising on Facebook. Moreover, the great advantage of Facebook is that you can advertise very specifically. As a pizzeria in Leeuwarden, it is of course no use if you reach people in Maastricht. Fortunately, you can easily target advertising. In addition, advertising does not have to be expensive on Facebook, since you can decide how often to advertise your company’s Facebook page. The more often you want this, the more expensive it will become. If you don’t feel like figuring out all kinds of things about advertising on Facebook, you can outsource Facebook ads to a specialized company. 

Do you use Facebook for your business? If so, do you get many customers from here? Let us know in the comments below!

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