UCT Strategic Human Resource Management online courses

Duration: 8 weeks (excluding orientation)

As profit and productivity becomes increasingly dependent on employee engagement levels, human resource (HR) managers, executives, and business owners need to make use of strategic HR practices to further business goals. The University of Cape Town (UCT) Strategic Human Resource Management online short course will teach you how to align HR functions with a company’s overall strategy to boost organisational performance. You’ll explore the high-level complexities of talent management, and learn how to successfully recruit and hire executive-level staff, use diagnostics to analyse workforce needs, and make sound decisions to improve staff retention and performance. Gain the confidence to mitigate risks and manage company-wide change, while developing your ability to play a key strategic role in your organisation.


Is this course for you?


This course is aimed at professionals who want to deepen their knowledge of strategic HR management. It’s suited to mid- and senior-level managers looking to leverage strategic people-management skills in their roles, and business owners and executives who want to better align HR practices with company goals. Consultants wanting to help clients to integrate effective HR processes into their operations will also benefit from the content. There are no prerequisites for this course, but it is recommended that students have a foundational knowledge of practical HR.