UCT Marketing online course

Duration: 10 weeks (excluding orientation)

In an increasingly competitive business environment, companies need to make use of the latest brand management and promotional tactics to differentiate their offerings and attract target customers. Professionals with strong marketing skills can, therefore, play an important part in boosting an organisation’s bottom line.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) Marketing online short course covers the fundamentals of marketing management and offers a holistic view of this important field. You’ll learn how to set marketing goals, create buyer personas, and develop and implement a comprehensive strategy that incorporates digital marketing best practices while leveraging traditional channels. Throughout the course, you’ll receive detailed instruction from an engaged head tutor and have the chance to apply your learnings practically by making marketing decisions for a fictional business.


Is this course for you?


This course is designed for both current marketing and business development professionals who want to refresh their skills, and those looking for an introduction to the field. It’s also aimed at business owners and entrepreneurs who are eager to develop their marketing knowledge so they can better position and promote their own brand.