UCT Data Science with Python online course

Duration: 8 weeks (excluding orientation)

In a world that’s increasingly data-driven, organisations need professionals who can extract meaningful insights from data to make better business decisions.

On the Data Science with Python online short course from the University of Cape Town (UCT), you’ll have the opportunity to develop practical data science and analysis skills for use in everyday business scenarios. Over the course of eight weeks, you’ll cover widely applicable Python libraries and learn how these methods can be, and are, used in day-to-day business situations.

Gain an introduction into statistical learning, which will provide a foundation on the mechanics of machine learning. You’ll explore supervised learning using tree-based models and neural networks, as well as unsupervised learning using K-means and hierarchical clustering. You’ll also learn about the process of revealing more robust patterns to ensure models are useful.

Is this course for you?


This course is aimed at professionals who want to close any gaps they may have in their data science skills and knowledge. IT professionals who need to rapidly enhance their data science toolkit with demonstrable and practical skills would benefit from the technical nature of the content. Professionals working in a variety of industries will learn how to increase efficiencies and identify new opportunities for their organisation with key data and programming skills.

This course is technical in nature. It is strongly recommended that you have a basic understanding of mathematics, statistics, and at least one programming language if you wish to reap the full benefits of the course.

Readiness test

Assess your knowledge of Python in preparation for this course with our readiness test. The test will gauge your competencies in mathematics and statistics, as well as your understanding of relevant programming languages.