UCT Data Analysis online courses

Duration: 8 weeks (excluding orientation)

With more and more businesses relying on statistical analysis to drive decision-making, the ability to extract meaning from data has become a highly valued skill. Data analysts play a key role in helping business leaders make informed choices, distinguish between effective and ineffective practices, cut costs, and solve key problems – they are, therefore, an integral part of any successful organisational team.

The University of Cape Town (UCT) Data Analysis online short course will introduce you to the fundamentals of data analysis, and familiarise you with how data is collected, stored, organised, analysed, and interpreted. You’ll practice data analysis techniques on real-world data sets, and walk away with practical skills that you can apply immediately in your organisation to address specific business needs in the areas of finance, sales, marketing, operational management and human resource management.

Is this course for you?


Anyone interested in moving into the realm of data analytics will find this online short course useful. The content is geared towards those eager to update their skill sets to remain relevant, as well as established professionals looking to unlock new opportunities within or outside their current organisations. Those who already work with data will learn how to better leverage it to achieve results and drive growth. Students will need access to Microsoft Excel to complete the practical components of the course.