In Ghana there are quite a few people who suffer from snoring. Often it is not the people who snore who suffer from it, but the partners and children of the snorers. Nothing is more annoying if you want to sleep well with someone snoring next to you. You just cannot fall asleep and in some cases it is so serious that you have to lie down in another room because it drives you crazy. How can you stop snoring? We have listed 8 tips!

Stop snoring

In short, snoring is therefore a problem. Many people have tried different ways to stop snoring, but nothing seems to help. We also did our research and bundled 8 tips together. Below 8 tips against snoring. There are probably a few who work for you!

# 1. Lie on your side

When you lie on your back, you are more likely to snore. Make sure to lie on your side because that will put you in a position to prevent snoring. It is not recommended to lie on your stomach because it is bad for your neck. So the ideal position for snorers is sleeping on the side.

# 2. Lose weight

It has been determined that if you are overweight it can lead to snoring. The extra weight on your face and neck is one of the reasons you snore. This best solution is to lose weight. This is not only good for getting rid of snoring, but also better for your overall health. You reduce the chance of other diseases and you will feel much better. Eat healthy, exercise a bit and the pounds will fly off and you will snore less.

# 4. Treat allergies

If you suffer from various allergies, this can make you snore more. If you suffer from hay fever, your nose will also become blocked and this will make you snore more and harder. Try to get a remedy to treat the allergies so that you snore less.

# 5. Do not drink alcohol

Drinking alcohol increases the likelihood of snoring more. Alcohol causes the muscles to relax and your nervous system to work differently. This may be the reason why you snore harder when you’ve spent an evening in the pub.

# 6. Tackling the common cold

People who have a cold and have a stuffy nose are more likely to snore. A good solution for this is to use nasal spray. By getting rid of a stuffy nose you will immediately snore less!

# 7. Quit smoking

If you smoke, you irritate your airways and reduce the capacity of your lungs. This also has an effect on the nasal cavities and therefore you can snore more.

# 9. Get enough sleep

A good and healthy sleep rhythm can make you snore less. Try not to sleep irregularly and snore much less immediately.

Pregnancy and snoring

Women who are pregnant and start to snore should also tell the doctor. The risk of pregnancy poisoning increases if you snore and are pregnant.