In 2020, marketing largely takes place on the web. However, offline marketing is also just as important today. This should definitely not be missing in your marketing strategy . Especially when you have a business with mainly customers from the area, it is important to advertise nearby. But how do you do this? We have listed a number of tips!

Advertise offline

Offline advertising should therefore not be underestimated, certainly not for the local entrepreneur. For example, if you have a physical store or, for example, a pizzeria, you naturally want to reach people in the area. When you advertise online and reach people who live on the other side of the country, it makes little sense of course. In short, advertising locally is what you want. We have listed 5 tips!

# 1 Construction signs

Construction signs, you’ve probably seen them. Along the road, for a construction project or to a house that is being renovated. When you are short on time, but want to reach many people, construction  signs are  the ideal solution. You just have to place them and the plates do the rest. In this way you reach a lot of people and that is of course never wrong. This option can be quite expensive, but in most cases it is worth it.

# 2. Distribute flyers

Another effective way to reach potential customers in the area is to hand out flyers. This is especially useful when you have a restaurant. For example, the recipient always has your phone number at hand when they want to order or make a reservation. This is also a relatively inexpensive way of offline marketing. For example, having flyers printed is fairly cheap and there are probably a few young people in the area who want to deliver them.

# 3. Sponsor a sports club

Similar to the construction boards are billboards at sports clubs. You know them, along the sidelines at a football field, or on a green canvas next to a tennis court, for example. When your target audience is sporty, this way of offline marketing is extremely effective. In addition, you support the sports association, which is of course not wrong!

# 4 Freebies

We Dutch simply love free things. A good way to make a name for yourself locally is to give out so-called freebies. Think, for example, of pens with your company logo on them, or, for example, snacks (if you have a restaurant). You can hand out these freebies in combination with the flyers from tip 2!

# 5. Be unique

As a final tip: be unique! It is important to stand out for any form of offline marketing. You want people to remember your advertising. A good way to accomplish this is to add a touch of humor.