For many people it is difficult to perform certain tasks immediately. They only postpone everything until the last moment when it really has to happen. Postponing everything is a bad habit and this can eventually lead to major problems. For example, you can get in trouble with your work that you do not meet certain deadlines because you have postponed everything until the last. When you have to do everything at the last minute, it may be that you have to do too much and that you do not meet the deadline. In this article, we give you 4 tips that will ensure you never have to procrastinate again!

# 1. Make a list

If you suffer from postponing tasks, it is especially wise to work with a list. By drawing up a list you provide an overview and you know what your tasks are for the given day. Before you go to bed, make a list of the tasks you want to complete the next day. When you wake up you know exactly what to do. Set certain deadlines for the tasks that you want to meet. This allows you to work in a more motivated and targeted manner.

# 2. Most important tasks do the beginning of your day

Now that you have your list ready for the day, you can immediately start with your tasks. It is important to also divide this list and make it into a certain ranking in order to find out which task is most important to you. You can do the most important tasks at the beginning of the day when your concentration is best. Completing your tasks is addictive and gives you momentum. When you have completed your most important task of the day, you will get the feeling that you can do everything. The other tasks are then a piece of cake.

# 3. Divide tasks

Sometimes you have to deal with large tasks. You often have the feeling that you are putting this task out for you because it is so much work. What you can do best is to divide the task into several small tasks. Suppose you have to carry out a large assignment for a customer at work. You need a total of 4 hours to complete this assignment and you are not satisfied. It is best to divide the assignment and that you work on it for an hour each time. This gives you the feeling that the task is quite good and this gives you a boost for the rest of the day. Avoid procrastination and divide your work into small tasks!

# 4. Try to avoid distractions

Being able to focus well can sometimes be difficult. There are several distractions at home and in the office that can make you less concentrated. By limiting the distractions you will be able to work faster and more concentrated. One of the biggest distractions for people is the smartphone. Often you go to grab your mobile to scroll on facebook or instagram and for your weather two hours have passed. Try to agree with yourself that you will not touch a smartphone for a certain time. For example, choose to do without your smartphone all morning and then take a look from your first break. This way it is easier to meet your deadlines and postpone fewer things.

Do you do that too much? Procrastinating? Let us know in the comments below!