Lighting a candle is a very easy way to create atmosphere in a room. It immediately seems a lot warmer and more cozy when a candle is burning. Of course you have candles in all shapes and sizes. From small tea lights to long thin candles for a holder and thick large candles for a plateau. But some candles burn quickly. How can you make candles burn longer? Below 4 tips!

Make candles burn longer

Each candle brings its own atmosphere and what you like best is of course mainly a matter of taste. The longer the candle burns, the longer the fun continues. And that is why we give you tips in this text to keep your candles burning longer!

# 1. Sprinkle salt

A good tip to let your candles burn a little longer is to sprinkle some salt on the wick of the candle. You can do this when the candle is already burning, but also in advance. This ensures that the same candle can burn a lot longer. The effect can even cause the candle to burn twice as long. If you are not only looking for a way to make candles burn longer, but also to make them burn more beautifully, you can also try the following tip.

# 2. Cut wick

The wick of a candle actually only needs to be very short, so you can cut a piece off it. When you have done this, the flame of the candle will be larger and it will burn more evenly. In addition, the candle does not smoke and the holder of the candle remains clean.

# 3. Candles in salt water

You can also put the candles in salt water for a while and then let them air dry. After they have dried you can light them and you will see that they burn nicer and brighter and will drip less.

# 4. In the freezer!

But in our opinion, the latter is really the tip to keep your candles burning longer. You may not expect it, but to make your candles burn longer, it is best to put them in the freezer for a few hours. Because the candles are cold, they melt a lot less quickly than when they are at room temperature. Ultimately, they will burn up to 100% longer. This not only saves you money but also reduces the need to replace candles.

Combine tips

If you really want to enjoy the candles for a long time, you can also combine the two tips. You first put the candles in the freezer and then sprinkle salt over them. This tip has not been officially tested yet, but we assume that it will burn your candles even longer than if you only use one of the tips. We wish you a very pleasant and romantic evening full of candlelight!

Do you like candles? If so, how often do you have candles at home? Let us know in the comments below!