Discipline is a trait that can come in handy. Someone with discipline does what is expected of him or her. You stick to the rules and carry out your daily tasks, even if you don’t feel like it. Suppose you are in the army, then you certainly need a lot of discipline. You are told all day what to do and if you do not heed, consequences can follow. It is important to have good discipline, because this ensures that you can carry out your daily work without complaint and that you are more successful and happier. What tips can we give you to get more discipline? You can read them below.

# 1. Set and achieve small goals

Discipline is like a muscle, you can train it. By setting small goals every day and achieving them, you will get a better feeling about yourself. By achieving your small goals every day you create momentum and you get the motivation to keep going. You have to do something you don’t feel like doing every day. By achieving this goal you will get the feeling that you want to do things that you don’t feel like doing more often. This strengthens your discipline and you can handle everything.

# 2. Finish your tasks in your head

Do you have to do a tedious task that you don’t feel like doing and would you rather put it out in front of you? Then try to complete this task in your head and visualize how you will perform this task. By approaching the task in this way, you already take the first step to work on it and you get the discipline to perform the task anyway. When you rehearse in your head you will notice that the resistance to perform the task decreases.

# 3. Make a compromise with yourself

Sometimes you have to show discipline but it does not work at all because you have a lot of distraction. You are not there with your thoughts or there are external factors that cause distraction. Now you are faced with the choice: are you going to postpone the task or do you choose to put away the distraction and still show the discipline to get started? You can also compromise with yourself. Try to resist the distraction and get started for half an hour. After this half hour, take 10 minutes for yourself and then get back to work. You will notice that once you are busy, it is actually quite easy, making it easier to get back to work later.

Do you have little discipline? Give these tips a try and let us know in the comments if you have benefited from them!