11 Important Facts You Should Know Before You Start A Website

Before you start a blog or website, make sure you read these facts which will help you strategize in other to make money. Blogging is a very lucrative business, however, making a dollar online is not as easy at it seems. It takes time and much more dedication and patience. Read below for the facts and don’t forget to leave a comment as well.

1.The News niche is the poorest niche to choose when you want to start out a blog.

2. When you link back to any website you take content from, you optimise your SEO more.

3. Blogging is never a turn me rich business. It starts with passion, dedication and hardwork, before you can see some of the real cash in it.

4. Traffic from Ghana and many other African countries SUCK! Why? African companies don’t buy online adverts at all, the few that buy are not African companies, they are in Africa but are owned by the whites.

5. You can make as high as $100,000 a month from blogging alone and you can as well earn as low as $0.50 a month.

6. Alexa is NEVER accurate, so never judge any website by it. There are tons of black hat tricks to get higher rankings on Alexa.

7. The Best Adsense Earners, are those whose majority of traffic comes from the USA. Why? Cos that’s where all the big gigs in the world come from (More educated people, more successful companies, and more people who CLICK)

8. 98% Of Ghanaians Don’t Read an article once they can get a story in the headline.

9. Adsense earnings is not only dependent on how much of traffic a website has, but ad types, ad placements, content type, CTR, RPM and other variants. ( So website with 1000 visits in a day can earn more than one with 20,000 visits)

10. The New SEO is Social Media, traffic from Google is just a bonus, if you can optimise your site very well.

11. The more beautiful your website looks, the more people are dying to come there always even if you are not writing anything new.

I will try and talk more about blogging for those who want to know. Ask your questions in the comment box and I will be glad to answer them as soon as I can

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